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SM Shukla Memorial Trophy


We invite exhibits to participate in a national numismatic competition for the Shri. S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy, subject to the following:

1. A Committee will vet applications before they are invited for display. Selection is at the sole discretion of the Committee and no reason may be furnished if any application is refused.
2. An exhibit can be between one and three frames only however, applicants may request more frames for their exhibit, subject to approval of the Vetting Committee. Frames alone will be supplied and exhibitors are requested to lock their respective frames with whatever locking system they deem fit.
3. Exhibits thus invited have to be displayed at the venue during the 25thShukla Day until 3pm of 23-04-2016, except in cases where prior information is given for early removal.
4. The Organizers will provide security at the venue however exhibitors will be solely responsible for the safety of their exhibits.
5. The Convener will invite distinguished personalities and scholars to the collectively be the Jury.
6. The Competition Co-ordinatorsare Mr. AmitSurana (09819381833) and Mr. AmbrishThaker (9833668819) alternately an email can be sent to All applications should be sent to him for approval of the Vetting Committee.
7. To improve your chance of winning it is recommended that exhibitors try to comply with terms and submit the following:
  • A short note is to be submitted at the time of applying introducing the person, any awards won, the category for the intended exhibit and the number of frames needed.
  • No more than 2 sides of A4 size page explaining the exhibit. These pages can be displayed outside the frames and are called “Introduction Pages”
  • No forgeries can be displayed as an “original” in any part of the exhibit or otherwise without the prior consent of the Vetting Committee.
  • Exhibitors can only choose from one of the following subjects for their exhibits:
    • Punch- marked Coinage of India
    • The Satavahanas, Kshatrapas and Contemporaries
    • Kushan and Gupta Coinage
    • Hindu Mediaeval India
    • Sultanates of India
    • Mughal Empire
    • Independent States (including Marathas)
    • Princely State of India
    • European Powers of India
    • Republic India
    • Banknotes, Hundies and Negotiable instruments.
    • Medals, Tokens and dies, Philately and Miscellaneous.
    • Any theme that covers both Numismatics and Philately
  • Each exhibit will be graded by the Jury on the following:
    • Introduction Pages and overall presentation 10 marks
      Numismatic Relevance of the exhibit 15 marks
      Knowledge on the chosen subject 15 marks
      Personal Study and research employed 15 marks
      Rarity of material 25 marks
      Condition of material 20 marks
      Total 100 marks
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    • In case exhibitors score a tie both will receive the same award however, the Jury will deliberate on one grand winner if there is a tie for the Shri S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy.
    • A consolidated Jury Report can be made available on request. This will be made available within 10 working days after the event.
    • The Jury is free to disqualify any exhibit on valid grounds.
  • Proposed Awards for the competition are:
    • “Shri. S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy”, 1 award (rotating trophy) with certificate and a cash prize of Rs 15,000 (subject to a minimum average marking of 91 points, needed to qualify for this cash prize).
    • “Grand Prize” certificate, 1 award,with a cash prize of Rs 10,000 (subject to minimum average marking of 85 points needed to qualify for this cash prize, in any category having more than 2 entries
    • “1st Prize” certificate, 1 award,with a cash prize of Rs 5,000 (subject to minimum average marking of 82 points needed to qualify for this cash prize, in any category having more than 3 entries
    • “Silver Prize” certificate, awarded in any category having more than 5 entries subject to minimum average marking of 70 points.
    • Runner up Prize certificate, awarded to each participant scoring more than 65 points in any category.
    • “Special Jury Award” certificate and cash prize of Rs 5000 or Rs 3000 as per the discretion of the Jury.
    • The Jury may not award all proposed awards neither may all categories be eligible for any or all of the proposed awards.
8. Exhibitors are to report at the venue on 22-04-2016 at 10.30am with respective exhibits.
9. Each exhibitor agrees to abide and accept the Terms and Conditions mentioned.
10. Exhibitors who have won either the Shri. S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy or the Grand Prize certificate cannot participate on the same subject in which they have won the award for aeriod of 3 years from date of such award, they are free to participate on any other subject even if the category remains the same.
11. A special Invitation Class for exhibits will be open for elect exhibitors and senior collectors at the discretion of the Vetting Committee and entries under this category will not be subjected to judging of any kind.
12. The decision of the Jury and the Organizers is final and binding to all participants.
13. It is deemed that any person who applies to exhibit their collection for the S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy does so after accepting the Terms and conditions laid down herein.
14. Terms and Conditions for participation can change without notice.

Thank you.
For, Shri. S. M. Shukla Memorial Trophy

Kaizad F. Todywalla
Jt. Convener